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Welcome to the Austin Radio Control Association



Time to start thinking Scale & Warbird!!!

Our Ken White Memorial Scale/Warbird event is this weekend!!!!

Stay "in the know" and go visit our Facebook group to see the latest updates for this event!


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Check out some photos from past events in 2014 and 2015.

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Do you want to learn more about our fantastic RC club?

Check out this 13 minute video. It explains who we are,
what we do, and how much FUN we have!.

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Club News


The 2016 GATE CODES are now being used.

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2016 membership renewals are now subject to late fees!

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FAA Registration

Click the link below to start the FAA
registration process for your aircraft

Click here for the FAA UAS registration page


FYI- to all ARCA members, as the President of ARCA, our stance on the FAA registration will be:

It is a requirement from the FAA that you register, but not a requirement of ARCA to be a member and fly at our field. We will not enforce any FAA registration as it is your responsibility to decide what you want to do.

If you do not register and the FAA catches you, then it is your responsibility to deal with the penalties as we will not be the police for the FAA or responsible for you not registering.

The only requirements to fly at ARCA are your AMA registration and a current membership, or you can pay the daily use fee of $3.00 (maximum 6 visits per year) ........Randy Larsen




Austin Radio Control is proud to have iFly Austin as a sponsor for
Jet Lag 2016 on March 12!